What's coming...

Hey everyone,

First, thanks for coming and checking out the site. For now this will be the landing page for dohrok.com so that I can release some of the merch online as well as put some post up where others can see. That being said I've got the Demon Slayer enamel pins in production and you can expect to see those for pre-order soon.


As for music, I'm working on my next EP right now. I've found a fusion of music that really connects with me and I can't wait to show you guys this new stuff in the works. Everything has been shaping pretty nicely around this so I thank you all for the continued support.


If you haven't checked out the Demon Slayer EP you can on SoundCloud with the link below. It's on Spotify and iTunes and everything too. I have a new single recently released titled "Robot's Riddim" you can also check out below.



Keep rocking!